Earthquake Bay Area

You'll never have warned that an earthquake. To ensure that you and your house are prepared, you should:

* Secure cabinets and bookcases against the wall with screws. Also try to keep heavy objects on lower shelves, so they do not fall on you during an earthquake.
* Make sure the boiler is fixed to a wall. In this way it will not fall during an earthquake and hurt someone or a fire.
* If you live in an area that for a large proportion of earthquakes, make sure that your house is bolted to your foundation. While this may expensive, can save you from a lot of damage to your house during an earthquake. More information.
* Have a disaster.

Here are some tips on what to do during an earthquake:

* Ga not outwards. You could get hurt falling glass or parts of buildings. If you are outside, stay away from buildings and power lines.
* Use a desk, table or some other large and stable piece of furniture. Hold on. Or, stand in a doorway and brace yourself.
* Keep away from windows, heavy furniture, appliances, mirrors, photos, and anything else that could fall and hurt you. Also stay away from open fires. You can lose your balance and hurt yourself on the fire.
* If you are driving when an earthquake happens, stop the car when it was safe. Stay in your car until the earthquake stops, and not driving in the vicinity of bridges or tunnels. Do not try to stop by power lines, light posts, signs, or trees. This could fall and hurt you.
* Stay alert for falling objects. Most people injured by falling objects during an earthquake, not by shaking itself.
* Do NOT use matches, lighters or candles. If there is a broken gas line, which you could ignite a fire or explosion.
* Do NOT use elevators. There would be a power outage caused by the earthquake, and you could get stuck in the lift.

After the earthquake stops, here is what you should do:

* Check yourself and others for injuries. Call 911 if you or someone else should seek medical help. If the telephone lines do not work, try using a mobile phone.
* Make sure the electrical, water, gas and lines have been damaged. If so, cut off from the valves. If you smell gas, and discover what to do.
* Stay away from damaged buildings and sites. You could get hurt by broken glass and falling objects.
* Listen to the radio for more information.

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I'm reading: Earthquake Bay AreaTweet this!