The Danau Kivu Earthquake

The Danau Kivu earthquake 2008 was the earthquake that shook several countries in the Big Lake Africa territory in struck 07:34:12 (UTC) on February 3.
This earthquake had the strength of 6.0 Richter scales and shook for 15 seconds.
Epicenter was located 20 kilometers next east Bukavu in the Kivu Lake in the Demokratik Kongo Republic.

The earthquake shook Rwanda and the Democratic Republic Congo (DRC), on Sunday (2-2) local time or on Monday WIB, claimed 38 souls and damaged 550 people, said several officials.

Two earthquakes happened in time that was adjacent in the Great Lakes region all along the west Great Rift Valley fracture.

The first earthquake, that had the force of 6 SR (the Richter scale) and concentrated in DRC, happened struck 10,30 local time (struck 14,30 WIB), that was followed with the second earthquake in the area had a solid population in South Rwandan struck 13,56 (struck 17,56 WIB).

"The number of deaths (in Rwanda) increased to 33 and more than 400 people" of the "serious injury," said the Deputy the Head of Rwandan police of Mary Gahonzire to Reuters.

Rescue efforts were still continuing to be carried out.

The official Governor Province South Kivu Kongo Bernard Watunakanza said to the Reuters news agency through the telephone from the east Bukavu territory city, aftershocks happened every time 20 or 30 minutes.

"Up to now had five people who were killed and 149 people" of the "serious injury."

Many people experienced the trauma, he said.

An official of the peacekeeper's UN mission in Kongo that was known as MONUC, to say buildings were destroyed in Bukavu.

"Much damage."

Many buildings were affected.

Many houses were fully destroyed, said the spokesperson MONUC Jacqueline Chenard.

The normal earthquake happened in the west Great Rift Valley region in the area of the seismic fracture active that was located between Uganda west, DRC Timur, Rwanda, and his neighbouring country, Tanzania.

In 1994, the earthquake 6 Richter scales in the Rwenzori region of the mountainous valley, Ugandan Barat, killed six people.

In 1996, the earthquake had the force of 7 Richter scales killed 157 people and damaged more than 1,300 people in Semliki Valley, also in Uganda west.

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I'm reading: The Danau Kivu EarthquakeTweet this!